Welcome to b.Sartain!  I'm Booth.  From an early age I was obsessed.  Obsessed with paper.  Growing up my parents always stressed the importance of writing hand written thank you notes.  In fact, it was drilled into my head.  So I would sit down and painstakingly agonize over the stationery I would use to write my letters, trying to select the perfect one for it's recipient.  When my stores would run low I couldn't wait until the next trip to the mall where I could go to the Lisa Frank store to pick out my stationery or really any store that I could get more stationery would do.  Truth be told, I still have some of my childhood stationery tucked away.  I also remember watching LeVar Burton on "Reading Rainbow" talk about making paper in your own blender using old blue jeans and I knew that was something I needed to know and wanted to do!  

I started college in Mississippi and tried out a school in Louisiana before finally  landing at Memphis College of Art, in Memphis, Tennessee, where I was able to continue my obsession with paper.  I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking with an emphasis on Paper Making, Book Arts and Letterpress.  My obsession grew.  When I graduated I got a job at a stationery store in town as one of their designers for a few years, then when my husband and I moved to Nashville for a little while, I worked for a few other small businesses doing stationery design for one and screen printing and design for another.  All while working on the side for myself.  When we moved back to Memphis in 2014, I decided it was time to really launch b.Sartain and quit just saying..."one day..."

So let's imagine something beautiful!  Let's design something gorgeous and let's create your obsession.

-xx- B

Booth Sartain McGee | booth.sartain.mcgee@gmail.com