Falling for Trends

Trends come and go, and some of them you can't help but love.  I however, don't always follow trends.  In fact, I very rarely find myself straying from my preference of simple silhouettes and a wardrobe of mostly black and white.  But I have fallen head over heels for all of these tropical prints.  Palm leaf bomber jackets, tropical inspired floral dresses, a pair of pineapple shorts...give me more please!  An invitation with palm leaves and some gold foil?  Yes, Please!  Notebooks, pencils, wallpaper, watercolor prints, bathing suits...more more more!  Mix in some patterns under the tropical prints and palm leaves...I'm swooning.  What's more, as I write this, I anxiously await mail to deliver my own palm leaf bomber and tropical romper.  This is one trend I can't ignore and that I definitely fell for.  I wouldn't be surprised if my design work starts reflecting my current obsession.

-xx Booth

Booth Sartain